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बस यूँही….

Winter in the city is the season of hazy mornings and lazy sunrises. On the way to the hospital, I saw the Sun rise through the branches of a tree on Ghole Road. The sight was too good and awe-inspiring to be just let go.
I pulled over to the side, pulled out the SLR , ran back to get the angle right and grabbed the image.
Sunrises always inspire me, filling me with energy and driving me to work (pun intended) just as sunsets instil a sense of calm. The two look quite similar, the golden hour is similarly suffused with shades of yellow and red gold, but have entirely different effects.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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कुछ ख्वाबों को सच होते हुए देखा है मैंने,
कुछ उम्मीदों को मरते हुए भी देखा है मैंने,
गोया,रोज एक नया ख्वाब बुन लेता हूं,
पागल मै एक और उम्मीद पाल लेता हूं,
और ख्वाब और उम्मीद के बीच थोड़ा जी भी लेता हूं….

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Tumchya Photography la Salaam , Sir.
Beautiful pic.
Couplet : LA-jawaab !!

” As-aaftaab, kaynaat ka “Ujala” hai tu…
Kya garib, kya ameer, sabhi ka sahara hai tu…
Raato’n ke andhere me kho gaye jo apni raah, unn ka roshan-daan hai tu..
Rabb ko to dekha nahi kabhi, lagata magar muze Jo, vo “Jivan-daata” hai tu…” Shibaa

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