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Intoxicated with life….

No other song could describe the state of my mind better today when I woke up. A cool but not cold, evening, a clear and starry night sky with a great opportunity to star gaze and revise my very sketchy knowledge of astronomy dating back to schooldays (inadequately updated thanks to being hooked up to a demanding mistress: medicine does take up so much of your time in India: I will probably take the plunge into the domain once again soon) and a wonderful apple and walnut cake induced a warm and glorious sense of happiness. The fresh, bracing , unpolluted air coming down from the mountains meant I woke up barely 5 hours later feeling refreshed and energized.

This is a song which my favourite singer, the one gentle and kind soul who did more to popularize the genre in India than anyone else, Jagjit Singh, would very frequently use as the opening melody in his live concerts. The audience would be asked to sing along with the refrain and the effect was just amazing, captivating and addicting.

The very simple to understand ghazal is by Shahid Kabeer. No abstruse Urdu phraseology to contend with, the easily relatable tune ( & in live shows the enforced audience participation) makes this a timeless classic. Most enjoyable and a perennial favourite.

ठुकराओ या अब के प्यार करो
मैं नशे में हूँ
जो चाहो मेरे यार करो
मैं नशे में हूँ

अब भी दिला रहा हूँ यकीन-ऐ-वफ़ा मगर
मेरा ना एतबार करो
मैं नशे में हूँ…

गिरने दो तुम मुझे, मेरा साग़र संभाल लो
इतना तो मेरे यार करो
मैं नशे में हूँ…

मुझको कदम-कदम पे भटकने दो वाइज़ों
तुम अपना कारोबार करो
मैं नशे में हूँ…

फ़िर बेखुदी में हद से गुज़रने लगा हूँ मैं

इतना ना मुझसे प्यार करो

मैं नशे में हूँ…

Just listening to the song has given me a sense of satiety and heady intoxication, with no C2H5OH… There will be no social sanctions and no hangover, either. Listen to Jagjit Singh at his persuasive best.

Stay healthy, stay safe, folks, as I savour this special weekend.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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