Nightscapes Romancing the Moon Serenity

बस यूँही…..

The crescent moon and it’s constant companion rose over the mountain ridge as a chilly night fell on the countryside.
The tiny silver sliver was very pretty as it rose demurely in the sky.
What had it been up to on the days of its absence is only known to her.
A celestial mystery that encourages so much contemplation amongst so many fertile minds over millennia.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

16 replies on “बस यूँही…..”

Romantic, in a subtle way. Excellent words and photography. Can this (the moon) be compared with the peeping Tom trying to see surreptitiously what’s happening on earth below!

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तेरे दीदार का इक मुख्तसर लम्हा हमें मंज़ूर,
तेरे इंतज़ार की हर तन्हा अंधेरी रात हमें मंज़ूर,
गर आगोश में आ जाओ तो इस दिल की हर आह हमें मंज़ूर….

(मुख्तसर – छोटा , संक्षिप्त)

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वाह क्या बात !
अर्ज़ किया है..
इक क़तरा सरे मिज़गाँ आया..
“चांद” जो आना था.. नहीं आया !

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With Your Kind Permission….

तेरे अक्श को मिजगां में ऐसा बसाया,
चांद आया भी, पर कुछ नज़र ना आया….

(मिजगां – पलके)

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