Introspective melodies Rahul Dev Burman

Not such an immaculate conception….

I saw the movie in the early 80s with Aruna when we were dating. I loved the movie. Shekhar Kapur directed it with sensitivity. Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi were at the time only committed to acting. Naseer had struck a purple patch at the time. Unfortunately I discovered it was virtually a frame by frame, line by line copy of Erich Segal’s “Man, Woman and Child” which I saw a year or two after the Hindi copy. That took the gloss away somewhat. Martin Sheen was brilliant in the original, I loved this role more than his epic performance in the Viet Nam war movie, Apocalypse Now. In keeping with the grand old Bollywood tradition of shamelessly copying without crediting the source even in the passing, forget about actually giving credit, Masoom actually picked up the Filmfares for Best Music Director ( RD Burman) Best Actor ( Naseeruddin) and Critic’s Award for Best Film (Shekhar Kapur). I am sure both the director and actor were aware of the original but sadly didn’t show the integrity to acknowledge the “inspiration”

The music by Rahuldev Burman is superb and original. I loved all the songs. I think this one stands apart.

The soulful vocals are by Aartee Mukherjee and the delicious, well crafted verse is by the one and only Gulzar. I loved the dard in her singing.

दो नैना और एक कहानी
थोड़ा-सा बादल, थोड़ा-सा पानी
और एक कहानी

छोटी सी दो, झीलों में वो, बहती रहती है
कोई सुने या ना सुने, कहती रहती है
कुछ लिख के और कुछ ज़ुबानी
थोड़ा सा बादल…

थोड़ी सी है जानी हुई, थोड़ी सी नयी
जहाँ रुके आँसू वहीं, पूरी हो गयी
है तो नयी फिर भी है पुरानी
थोड़ा सा बादल…

इक ख़त्म हो तो दूसरी, रात आ जाती है
होठों पे फिर भूली हुई, बात आ जाती है
दो नैनों की है ये कहानी
थोड़ा सा बादल…

A wonderful movie that I would have undoubtedly loved much more had I not known it’s genealogy.

Que sera sera……

Have a wonderful weekend, enjoy the sunshine on a cool day. Isn’t it amazing? Here we are shivering on a day with maximum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, and my son in Minneapolis joked about the maximum temperature there being 21 degrees Celsius, too?

In India, we are of course talking of a temperature that many degrees above zero and he is referring to Minus 21 degrees Celsius…..


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Sir ji ..yeh sachchai jankar aaj muje bahut hi dukh hua ki Masum movie ek copy movie he..
Baki film ka musik ..or gane to bahetareen he hi…
Thanks a lot for truth info sir ji

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Yesss I too followed same journey as you…
Except of corse the dating part😅👍….
Was so moved by the story , songs and superb acting by all including all child stars👍
Much to my dismay… soon I learned it is a copy of Hollywood Man Woman n child😔
Yess it does … disillusion you when you get cheated like that…. But as you say Que sera sera … and we adopt ourselves 👍
Gulzar always… goes deep into your heart😔🙏🏾. Singer AARTI MUKHERJI…. Deserves a standing ovation for her rendition of the song!!
I wonder how Pancham thought of her🤔🤔
But it fits hand n glove ✅👍

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Very good selection. Liked the movie so much for acting (by all), direction and the story. Was equally saddened to know it was a copy and a shameful one. Was not expected from Sekhar Kapoor. How come, even the Bollywood pundits did not know about it! Aartidi’s younger brother was with me in engineering college, my roommate for a year.
Liked how you said about +, – 21. During one of my trips to Geneva from Bombay, it was 30 deg in B and when landed in G the pilot announced it was -4 deg and everybody laughed.

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Didn’t see the movie, either made earlier in English by Americans with Charlie Shean Or the copied hindi film years later Staring Shabana Azami , an actress that I admire very much . I think I will appreciate the song more after watching the film .Lot for me to do Abhijitrao 😊But don’t fret , your student will persist…. Now facing not so bad 22 degrees F outside , unlike your son in Minnesota 😄. I wouldn’t worry too much about copy cat mentality , it’s a given 😩

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