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बस यूँही…..

The beetle was busy roaming around the marigold flower. It was an amazingly tender moment of mutual benefit. Flower chafers are a group of scarab beetles, comprising the subfamily Cetoniinae. Many species are diurnal and visit flowers for pollen and nectar, or to browse on the petals. Some species also feed on fruit. The group is also called fruit and flower chafers, flower beetles and flower scarabs. They help in the pollination and propagation of species.

Tagetes erecta, the Aztec marigold, Mexican marigold, big marigold, cempazúchitl or cempasúchil, is a species of flowering plant in the genus Tagetes native to Mexico. Despite being native to the Americas, it is often (& somewhat surprisingly) called the African marigold.
The Aztecs gathered the wild plant as well as cultivating it for medicinal, ceremonial and decorative purposes. It is widely cultivated commercially with many cultivars in use as ornamental plants.
Native to Mexico, As an introduced species (cultivated) it can be found in China, India, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Australia.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

26 replies on “बस यूँही…..”

Nice photo Sirji…. फुल आलं फुलून ! जीव गेला भुलून!! या फुलाला नवलाचे रंग
पाकळीपाकळीनं मुरडलं अंग
वास घेता भुंगे झाले दंग
आले सारे मिळून ! जीव गेला भुलून!!

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Your presentation reminds me of Julian Huxley, erudite, convincing and pleasant. Such a nice photograph, a bright yellow marigold and a dark beetle, what a contrast in looks! And, the thing is beneficial to the beautiful flower. Can we say, it is the good quality and intentions that matter and not the looks!

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Nicely penned Dr. Saheb
‘It was an amazingly tender moment of mutual benefit. ‘ wish Man could learn to live together such way.

This most popular flower Marigold considered as most Auspicious for religious Ceremonies, still maintaining its Beauty, freshness is as believed to be linked to the powerful strength of the sun and representing power, strength, and light that lives inside us.

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Nice click sir.
Couplet : bahot khoob !!

” mat karna kabhi dil-azari ki baatei’n..
Bhanwarey bhi to “looterey” hi hai kahalatey…
Kyo na “Phoolo’n” se kuch sikhe hum..
Apno’n ke liye, thoda thoda khud ko hi loota le hum..” Shibaa

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