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बस यूँही…

The Amazon Lilies have been very prolific this year, possibly because of the winter (notwithstanding the dire predictions of all of us freezing to death on Whatsapp University) not finding its way to our home at all. I love the simple beauty of the flower, and as only nature produces, the perfect symmetry as well.
Eucharis amazonica is a species of flowering plant in the family Amaryllidaceae, native to Peru. It is cultivated as an ornamental in many countries and naturalized in Venezuela, Mexico, the West Indies, Ascension Island, Sri Lanka, Fiji, the Solomon Islands and the Society Islands. It is found widely throughout India.

The English name Amazon lily is used for this species, but is also used for the genus Eucharis as a whole (and for other genera).

An evergreen bulbous perennial, Eucharis amazonica grows to 75 cm tall , with long narrow dark leaves and umbels of fragrant white flowers. The stamens are fused into a single cup.

It stays fresh for a number of days on the plant as well as off it


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Flowers come in so many different colours, sizes, shapes and they seem to be moody too, some bloom at night, some early morning, some in the evening. Wonder, if they too have their own world, where they communicate with each other, have various grades, classification, benchmarking, some too proud of themselves, others polite, docile etc. I met a person who used to believe that the flowers were always very happy seeing him and he actually could feel their mood. Maybe, a day will come when humans can communicate with flowers and all other living beings around us, but I am not sure if the world will then be more interesting than now.
Nice photograph and info Doc.


युँ ना इतराओ खूबसूरती पे अपनी,दिल घायल हो जाता है,
ख्वाबों में क्या अब तो तन्हाई में भी मिलने से डर लगता है….

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Beautiful flower. Couplet : La-jawaab!!

” husn ne tere, dil me mere, shole bhadaka diye hai..
Ae-nazneen, khwabo’n me bhi ab tum se milne, hum darane lage hai..
Ho roop ki raani tum, hum bhi to dilwale hai…
Maang lu, tera zindagi bhar saath, khayal ab dil me aane lage hai..” shibaa

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