Nature Nightscapes Romancing the Moon Serenity

बस यूँही……

The snow moon rose coyly as if trying to hide something. It seemed to be hiding behind the branches of the mango tree.
I wonder what the flawless moon would have looked like, before its brilliant countenance was scarred by thousands of impacts.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

14 replies on “बस यूँही……”

क्या नुक्स निकाले ए चांद तेरे हुस्न में,
हम तो तेरी चांदनी से ही घायल हो गए है,
क्या कोई चोट खाई है की यूँ छीप जाते हो बादल में,
हम तो तेरी हर अदा से ही चौंधियां गए है….

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