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बस यूँही…….

The night skies and the window to the universe that they offer has always fascinated me. Last night was a unique opportunity. Clear skies, a light breeze, the moon not yet risen and the easily identifiable Orion overhead.
My first serious attempt at astrophotography was with my mobile phone. Manual settings, a selfie stick doubling up as a tripod and a 5 second exposure gave me a great snapshot of the skies and it’s constellations. I was particularly happy I could identify each of the stars of Orion separately and get Sirius in the same frame as well. Very pleasing to see Betelgeuse coming through with its distinctive red hues.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Fascinating! It is as though the distant stars could see you trying to identify and capture them in your camera and they all smiled together. Maybe they heard you saying “cheese” to them.

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That to with mobile camera…it’s too good👌👌

आसमान का टिमटिमाता तारा मुस्कुराए खड़ा था मिलो दूर..
गुफ़्तगू उससे करते रात कें अधेंरे में कुछ पल बड़ी सुकून सें बीत गये….
अपनें अपनें दिलों को खोल कई बातें हुई…..
इक प्यारा सा वफादार राजदार पा लिया एक दुसरें में हमनें…..

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तुम्हारा शायराना अंदाज मालूम था , अब ये एक और नया पहलू सामने आ गया ।

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Stars, planets, constellations are still a Mystery to mankind, kept as an unfathomable Mystery by The Creator!!
We can only ADMIRE or at most Dream of its BEAUTY..

Nice pic. ..

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