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A journey in a time machine…..

This movie came up for discussion on a music group last evening. I became rather sentimental , in a trice I was transported half a century in time to the days when I was still in college. A perennial favourite, the movie has a role that any actor can only dream of would come his way once in a lifetime. Chaim Topol lives the role of Tevye the dairyman. Based on Tevye and his daughters ( or Tevye the dairyman) & other tales by Sholem Aleichem. The story of a Jewish farming community that’s trying to stick to its cultural heritage and identity in a rapidly changing Tsarist Russia. Originally made as a Broadway musical, it also saw a successful run on West End, and became the first musical theatre run in history to cross 3000 performances. It’s record was broken later by Grease. It saw multiple Broadway revivals and the film adaptation was a huge success. Anyone who has seen the movie can’t but think of it without Chaim Topol. He is so much an integral part in the success story. Just two songs from the musical will highlight my point.

Norma Crane as Golde (the wife of the dairyman) is brilliant, too. I really love this amazing song which is so touching and heart warming. Tevye asks his wife of a quarter century if she loves him... trying to imply that they’ve been together all their lives but he wants to be told if she does love him. Probably for the lyrics and both actors’ amazingly muted emoting, my favourite song from the movie.

In case there are a few unfortunate souls amongst you who haven’t yet seen the movie, please make good this shortcoming right away. Topol passed away in his sleep just 2 days ago, but he lives on in the hearts of millions of his fans. Every human without exception who’s seen the movie or the musical on stage loves him.

Have a wonderful weekend, folks. Stay healthy and happy.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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A fantastic movie it was and still is. Flawless acting, superb dialogue, songs, all excellent. Characters portrayed simple, distressed country folks. Really painful accepting Topol’s demise.

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