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It rained pots and pans, buckets and kettles….

It was overcast from the early morning and the weatherman ( or shall we say weatherperson to be more politically correct or “Woke” ) . The skies were distinctly dark grey in the early morning and I told Aruna “it looks it is going to rain”. The expectations appeared to have been belied as the sun came blazing out, albeit a tad late. Late afternoon saw the clouds stage a comeback and just as I returned from work and had just finished my regulation “Fauji mug” full of steaming tea, hell pretty much broke loose. Thank God Choco had already polished off his meal (the only canine I have ever known who wants curds or paneer poured on rice with chicken- or he won’t touch it: the kid is crazy!) As the dark grey skies were crisscrossed by giant incandescent bright flashes of lightning that made a crazy pattern across the heavens, the clouds decided to dump the moisture they were carrying on earth. The first cannonade of thunder and our li’l tornado was miraculously transformed into an ascetic performing penance. The kid was shivering with fear, poor thing, and I took him in my arms and cuddled and comforted him. I felt the shivering abate as he slept with his head in my lap. Dollar wouldn’t be scared by thunder, lightning or Diwali crackers (poor PC whose asthma only gets worse by Diwali Crackers but not by her chain smoking nor by the fireworks at other times, would have been thoroughly disappointed by my once and forever soulmate‘s indifference). I was reminded of a song composed by Bharatratna Pandit Ravi Shankar for the movie Meera, made by Gulzar in the late 70s. The lyrics for all the songs are by Meera herself and barring a single alaap by Pandit Dinkar Kaikini , a complete dozen songs of the highest quality have been rendered by Vani Jairam. This song is based on Gaud Malhar, a raag for the rainy season. The song as well as the raag paint a wonderful picture of rains in front of you and make you want to rush out into the downpour and get soaked to the bone.

Vani Jairam was largely ignored by the movie moguls in Bollywood . She was purposely passed over and sidelined. But she was a far far better and genuinely accomplished vocalist (sadly, I have to say “was) than the biased Bollywoodias cared to admit and accept. When Ravi Shankar was asked to compose the musical score, he asked for the creative freedom and got Vani Jairam to sing the entire set. As a result the album has the distinctive quality with it.

How could I not think of a sublime rendition in a closely related raag, Ramdasi Malhar by Ustad Amir Khan , the virtuoso vocalist of the Indore Gharana who had just the right amount of gravitas naturally infused in his voice. My favourite singer (apart from the incomparable Pandit Jasraj ji) for calming my mind (or even shed a pail or two of warm saline) . Multiple clips of his singing the same bandish are to be found. The words are just right for the raag.

The rains stopped in about half an hour, having made the mercury plummet and the ensuing chaotic traffic and giant puddles of water at the usual spots the residua of the dramatic downpour. Choco, poor kid was thankfully pacified to become his usual boisterous self. Hope the two melodies help recreate the feel of the fleeting flirtation. Have fun, folks. I will retire with Ustad ji’s sublime singing.

Have fun


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

4 replies on “It rained pots and pans, buckets and kettles….”

Rendition by Vani Jayaram and Pandit Dinkar Kaikini is lovely….She has a very distinct, different and sweet voice…..
Also Ustad Amir Khan’s Raag Ramdasi Malhar is amazing…..
Both songs are pure bliss….
The one by Vani Jayram reminded me of the song….”Badal Ghumad Bhar Aaye….” A song from Sai Paranjape’s movie Saaz…..
And poor Choco ….He is scared of thunder and lightning….But he is very lucky to have a comforting and caring hand of you people 👍👍😊

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