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The pain, the loneliness…..

If I had to name geniuses (or the way we were taught in school, genii) who were ignored/sidelined/treated shabbily and generally got a raw deal in Bollywood, these three would definitely be there.

Amongst the music directors no one has been treated more shockingly than Jaidev Verma. An outstanding genius whose compositions were entirely his own and he showed an extreme degree of reluctance to follow the prevalent habit /rule in Bollywood– one of seeking “Creative inspiration” from others or reusing your own tunes- & he has, as a result, qualitatively speaking more sublime, eternal tunes as a proportion of total compositions than anyone else. His work with virtually all producers was just brilliant, including the few opportunities he did get with the big banners/production houses. The one opportunity he got with Navketan resulted in an eclectic score that is still remembered sixty years on. Sadly, despite being initially signed for Guide, he was not just eased out of that project, but he also never got a Navketan film again!! In a sense, excellence was punished, not rewarded.

The same thing happened (albeit to a lesser extent) with Bhupinder and Anuradha Poudwal. Both singers had tons of native talent and enough originality to be not branded as someone’s clone but never got what they truly deserved. The song of the day sums up what they could create when the three got together. A movie made by a former films division documentary maker and animator turned film director , Bhimsain, Dooriyan that had a dream lead pair: Uttam Kumar and Sharmila Tagore. Bhimsain had Jaidev score music for him in other movies too, with equally memorable, uniformly outstanding results.

ज़िन्दगी में जब तुम्हारे ग़म नहीं थे
इतने तनहा थे के हम भी हम नहीं थे

वक्तपर जो लोग काम आए हैं अक्सर
अजनबी थे वो मेरे हमदम नहीं थे

बेसबब था तेरा मिलना रहगुज़र में
हादसे हर मोड़ पर कुछ कम नहीं थे

हमने ख़्वाबों में ख़ुदा बनकर भी देखा
आपकी बाहों में वो आलम नहीं थे

सामने दीवार थी खुद्दारियों की
वर्ना रस्तें प्यार के पुरख़म नहीं थे

संगीतकार जयदेव, शायर: सुदर्शन “फ़ाकिर”

One of my very favourite songs of the genre from a movie that dealt with marital discord. Superb, sensitive, very well made movie (needless to say acted very well too) . Do watch it on YouTube.

Have a wonderful Sunday, folks. Stay healthy and happy. The new year is just 3 days away

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

18 replies on “The pain, the loneliness…..”

Great poetry by Sudarshan “Phakir” ji…..Sublime and pure music by Jaidev ji giving full justice to the poetry….Fantastic….unfolding the poignancy….pain …..slowly…beautifully…
The voice of Anuradha Podwal ji ….. superb….sweet….
Bhupender Singh ji’s voice is again a very different one….tonal quality has a very good depth…..expressing the emotions well….
All four truly genii…..One can feel the atmosphere they create surrounding the listener…..
Wonderful share Aniruddha sir 🌹🌹

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What a lovely song and rendition by the great artistes! Both are gems. Would be deprived of the pleasure of listening but for you. Have to see the movie one of these days. Thanks Doc.

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