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Future, foretold….

Bollywood denizens are famous for making movies about their own lives, and not just about the aspects that would inspire others.

So a Mahesh Bhatt makes Janam, or an Arth and both movies were really well made to deserve a look in and be appreciated. But the temptation manifested itself ages ago when V Shantaram made a movie called Parchhain. Made more than 70 years ago as a home production, it was a unique movie as he pretty much tells his own life story as an allegory. The movie had songs composed by C Ramachandra while the background score was by Vasant Desai. The movie, directed by V Shantaram, tells about a triangular relationship between Shantaram, Jayashree and Sandhya.

Shantaram is a young guy who gets blinded by a hunting accident when Jayashree takes a shot that hits him. She brings him over home so she can get him treated. She falls in love with the blind, handsome young guy. Now Shantaram identifies her by her voice, the Emraan Hashmis of the world had not been born. Jayashree’s mom, Lalita Pawar wants to get her married into riches but Jayashree doesn’t like the idea. The older queen sends the blinded boatman for treatment accompanied by a maid with a similar voice (Sandhya) who promptly falls in love with the blinded guy. How did Shantaram the director ever stomach the idea in a movie he also produced can only be explained by one line : he was foretelling the future for himself. So the two sing songs like this one.

A fabulous composition in the Raag Pilu. Lata Mangeshkar (allegedly in a relationship with the music director, C Ramachandra) sings beautifully with Talat Mehmood. A truly wonderful, joyous song.

In the movie Jayashree wants to get married to Shantaram and is being forced to get married to a rich man but dies in an assault by the man.

V Shantaram discovers Jayashree is missing after regaining sight and searches high and low for her. He is led to the spot where she has died and makes a memorial at the exact spot.

In real life, Jayashree actually kicked him out of her life thanks to his dalliance with the same Sandhya.

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