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Don’t ever feel lonely…

I heard this melody maybe 30 years ago. It appeared to me to be structured like it was meant for a movie. Turned out later, it wasn’t so. A lovely, if tad repetitive intro leads you to Khan saheb narrating the mukhda in a slightly breathless undertone. The lyrics are very easy to follow and the composition extremely simple and uncomplicated while being easy on the ear.

The poet is Farhat Shehzad. These great ghazal singers have an eye for great verse. Jagjit Singh would discover it himself. I am sure the other greats did that too. Either did it themselves or had someone in their team do it for them.

There are lots of stories of how Lata Mangeshkar actually went after composers beseeching them to turn great works of poetry into songs for her to sing.

तन्हा तन्हा मत सोचा कर

तन्हा तन्हा मत सोचा कर
मर जाएगा मत सोचा कर

प्यार घड़ी भर का ही बहुत है
झूठा सच्चा मत सोचा कर

जिसकी फ़ितरत ही डँसना हो
वो तो डँसेगा मत सोचा कर

धूप में तन्हा कर जाता है
क्यूँ ये साया मत सोचा कर

अपना आप गँवा कर तूने
क्या पाया है मत सोचा कर

मान मेरे 'शहज़ाद' वगरना
पछताएगा मत सोचा कर

---- फरहत शहज़ाद

Here’s a longer rendition from a live program.

A wonderful recall first thing in the morning. Hope you like it too. May no one be lonely in the new year. For those deprived of human (or other) company, there is always music……

Have a wonderful day ahead, folks


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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