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बस यूँही…..

The look of guilt writ large on his face. He looks like the naughty child who has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
I was reminded of a poem that I had read long ago.
LONG ago I wished to leave
” The house where I was born; “
Long ago I used to grieve,
My home seemed so forlorn.
In other years, its silent rooms
Were filled with haunting fears;
Now, their very memory comes
O’ercharged with tender tears.

Life and marriage I have known,
Things once deemed so bright;
Now, how utterly is flown
Every ray of light !
‘Mid the unknown sea of life
I no blest isle have found;
At last, through all its wild wave’s strife,
My bark is homeward bound.
Farewell, dark and rolling deep !
Farewell, foreign shore !
Open, in unclouded sweep,
Thou glorious realm before !
Yet, though I had safely pass’d
That weary, vexed main,
One loved voice, through surge and blast,
Could call me back again.
Though the soul’s bright morning rose
O’er Paradise for me,
William ! even from Heaven’s repose
I’d turn, invoked by thee !
Storm nor surge should e’er arrest
My soul, exulting then:
All my heaven was once thy breast,
Would it were mine again !
       — Charlotte Bronte


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

14 replies on “बस यूँही…..”

Dog, our best friend, how intimately we know and understand each other! For them, the life is much simpler, by and large centred around that of the master. Whatever he does, he judges whether it was good or bad, by the master’s reaction and mood. Liked your observation and wonderful poem.

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दो लब्ज़ लबों पे क्या थम गए,नैन बोल पड़े,
बता इस दिल का क्या कसूर,तुम तो युँ ही रो पड़े,
खफा हम तुझ से नहीं,थोड़े मिलन के लम्हे कम पड़े….

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