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An invitation to bliss…

It’s been raining pots and pans every single evening since the last few days in Pune. The weather follows a set pattern: Cool mornings with clear skies that make the morning stroll sweat free, hot afternoons with temperatures going past the mid 30s, the clouds come seemingly out of nowhere to give a menacing dark grey shade to the skies while the sun is mercifully hidden and at some hidden cue, the tap is turned on, to the accompaniment of the warning rumble, a drumroll of sorts before the loud clashing of cymbals and the thunder and lightning means the powers that be are deadly serious about their business. A heavy downpour blots out each identifiable feature all around and makes the mercury plunge. Evenings are cool and ideal weather for the lovebirds.

Yesterday as the celestial orchestra played out, I was reminded of this eternal favourite.

“Woh Kaun Thi?” was the first of a trilogy of films made by Raj Khosla with Sadhana Shivdasani, all of the mystery/thriller genre. The other two were Mera Saaya and Anita. Sadhana was constant. Mr Facepalm figured in the bookends of the trilogy, with Sunil Dutt in the middle, both serving the sole purpose of making the audience ogle even more intently at Sadhana (as if anyone needed a reason at the time anyways). She looks just so divine hundreds of millions of Indians (& lovers of Indian films outside India) -gender insensitive- fell in love, absolutely flipped head over heels, with three lady. Anita had music by LP instead of Madan Mohan (who scored for the first two), a suicidal move which undoubtedly contributed to the movie flopping, while the other 2 had been superhits.

लग जा गले

लग जा गले कि फिर ये हसीं रात हो न हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो न हो
लग जा गले कि फिर ये हसीं रात हो न हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो न हो
लग जा गले से

हमको मिली हैं आज, ये घड़ियाँ नसीब से
जी भर के देख लीजिये हमको क़रीब से
फिर आपके नसीब में ये बात हो न हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो न हो
लग जा गले से

पास आइये कि हम नहीं आएंगे बार-बार
बाहें गले में डाल के हम रो लें ज़ार-ज़ार
आँखों से फिर ये प्यार कि बरसात हो न हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो न हो

लग जा गले कि फिर ये हस्सीं रात हो न हो
शायद फिर इस जनम में मुलाक़ात हो न हो
लग जा गले से

— राजा मेहदी अली खान

No one will believe anyone could, while being around the divine Sadhana who is clearly telling you to come and indulge in serious necking, can actually show a look of disgust!

But Facepalm does exactly that and ensures all the audience hates him for that.

Lovely movie despite Facepalm interfering with the script. Clearly due to the lethal Sadhana-Madan Mohan combo.

Have a wonderful day ahead, folks. I will play the song in a loop.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

12 replies on “An invitation to bliss…”

To be fair, I should mention Raja Mehdi Ali Khan’s simple but appropriate words lending quality to the song which anyway was superb. Lata and Madan Mohan were always fantastic.
And Sadhana of course…


Very intriguing photograph of lightning 👌👌👌👌
Creating a feeling very different atmosphere all together……
With a lovely divine song…..beautiful heart touching poetry by Raja Mehedi Ali Khan…..
Superb singing by Lata Mangeshkar ji and equally great music by Madan Mohan ji…..
Sadhana looking absolutely divine👌👌👌👌👌
One of my favourite melodious song….👌👌👌👌

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Dr.Pervin Keki. Phd. Govt pledge practice supportcertificate in alternative medicineCASM567-67839611 Surtisays:

To blend into lyrics of nature absolute bliss..

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