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The way to your heart…..

I’ve been listening to Jagjit Singh’s unique musical oeuvre for more than 4 decades and with passage of time, the number of previously unheard ghazals by the one man who is singularly responsible for the popularity of the genre in India is dwindling. Just when (like Alexander) I feel there isn’t one left to hear anew, I am pleasantly surprised by a hitherto undiscovered gem.

This is one such lustrous and priceless gem that I got from a collection by a dedicated Jagjit Singh fan, Sachin Soni. He has managed to create a treasure trove of absolutely beautiful melodies over the years and many of them date back to the early days of the Maestro’s singing career, from the 70s, many of them recorded during his live concerts in Kenya. I just can’t thank Sachin Soni ji’s efforts in putting together this precious, precious cache.

Listen to pure vocal magic, an intricate magical web woven by the master craftsman already at the top of his skills. The rendition is accompanied by just his harmonium, a tabla and a tanpura. You don’t really miss the lack of instrumental accompaniment, as the meaningful verse and the divine voice are more than adequate to transport me to a blissful stupor.

The beauty of the verse is unmissable and should not pose much of an issue to the listener. Jagjit Singh cruises through languorously through the lines, helping me savour every word, every nuance. Check out the beauty of the verse.

ये राह-ए-मोहब्बत है इसमें ऐसे भी मक़ाम आ जाते हैं

ये राह-ए-मोहब्बत है इसमें ऐसे भी मक़ाम आ जाते हैं
ये राह-ए-मोहब्बत है इसमें ऐसे भी मक़ाम आ जाते हैं
रुकिए तो पसीना आता है चलिये तो क़दम थर्राते हैं

नब्ज़ें हैं के उभरी आती हैं तारे हैं के डूबे जाते हैं
वो पिछले पहर बीमारों पर कुछ ख़ास करम फ़रमाते हैं

वो मस्त हवाओं के झोंके कुछ रात गए कुछ रात रहे
जैसे ये कोई रह रह के कहे घबराओ नहीं हम आते हैं

शबनम की नुमाइश माथे पर खिलती हुई कलियाँ होंठों पर
गुलशन में सवेरा होता है या बज़्म में वो शरमाते हैं

(शबनम = ओस), (बज़्म = महफ़िल, सभा)

ये राह-ए-तलब है दीवाने इस राह में उनकी जानिब से
आँखें भी बिछाई जाती हैं काँटे भी बिछाए जाते हैं

कहते नहीं बनता क्या कहिये कैसा है ‘नज़ीर’ अफ़साना-ए-ग़म
सुनने पे तो वो आमादा हैं कहने से हम ही घबराते हैं

-नज़ीर बनारसी

The next clip is from another live program, recorded much later, and digitally restored. The difference in the tonal quality is clear, more mature, fuller.

Hope you enjoy both renditions, the best versions of this ghazal by the great man. Have a great day ahead and stay healthy.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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