Being judgemental

Sohrab Modi was a wonderful and towering film personality in the early days of the talkies. He acted, directed and produced many a very memorable movie of the era. He was one of the first to successfully adapt classic novels to the screen. Les miserables by Victor Hugo became Kundan, a wonderful adaptation and an unforgettable movie. Hamlet became Khoon ka khoon. His movies almost always had a strong message for social and national issues. Who can ever forget Sikandar, Pukar, Yahudi, Prithvi Vallabh, Jailor or the truly amazing Mirza Ghalib, which offered Suraiya the appropriate canvas for displaying her mesmerizing and alluring vocal skills?

He had emerged from the Urdu/Hindi stage and his dialogue delivery always showed that part of legacy, he always had a bit of the theatrical to his speeches. His felicity with the Urdu language was awe-inspiring and my own love for the language is due to two men- Sohrab Modi and Ali Sardar Jafri. This song is from his home production- Minerva Movietone’s Nausherwan-e-Adil, which was shown on DD Mumbai’s sunday night movie show and I just loved it. The movie is about the justice by a ruler- Nausherwan, played by Sohrab Modi himself. Raj Kumar and Mala Sinha are the romantic pair in the movie. The movie had a great storyline, a good cast, great direction and above all, a fantastic set of musical compositions in the score. C Ramachandra was one of the most versatile composers I’ve come across in my life. His oeuvre was extremely varied and his quiver of arrows was extremely well stocked with a huge, wide variety of melodies. His enviable speed of producing excellent scores in the shortest possible time was enviable and unique.

Why YouTube chose to credit Madan Mohan for this melody beats me, as the style of the composition is unmistakable.

Enjoy this amazing melody : one of the best Rafi-Lata duets of all time, folks, as we embark into another week of frenzied work. The winter is here for now. Stay safe folks and stay happy and healthy.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

4 replies on “Being judgemental”

Nostalgic share SIR🙏🏾
Yess Sohrab Modi is all that you said👍🙏🏾Lucky me!! As I have seen the movie, despite its poor quality print😅👍
I agree with you… Anna stamped all over this song yet You tube made such a blunder as usual 🤔.
You chose a beautiful song for share out of this melodious album I must say!!🙏🏾

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