Reminiscing in the morning…..

I was reminded of this ghazal by my wise friend from Philadelphia, Nick Maneckshaw. Like millions of others I had heard it decades ago, sung by Jagjit Singh whose rendition was something I had liked and it had grown on me all these years. I was sent a message with this link, with the same ghazal sung in a more elaborate fashion by Mehdi Hassan. I spent nearly 20 minutes listening to Khansaheb , clearly a live recording from a concert, rather than a rendition in a studio. I found the interpretation elaborated in Bhairavi thaat by Mehdi Hassan interesting and unusually for the maestro he had a lot more instrumental company, but I thought they took away from the beauty of his singing, as did the inane and rather loud clapping at not quite the right places. I would rather savour Khansaheb with just a tabla with him playing his ubiquitous harmonium. The joy of his pure singing is brought out better in that fashion, I daresay.

The shayar is Salim Qausar, isn’t it amazing how a piece of poetry is made immortal by a good singer /composer setting it to a good tune and rendering it to bring a bit of heaven in our midst?

मैं ख्याल हूँ किसी और का
मुझे सोचता कोई और है
सरे-आईना मेरा अक्स है
पसे-आईना कोई और है

मैं किसी की दस्ते-तलब में हूँ
तो किसी की हर्फ़े-दुआ में हूँ
मैं नसीब हूँ किसी और का
मुझे माँगता कोई और है
मैं ख्याल हूँ किसी और का…

अजब ऐतबार-ओ-बेऐतबारी के
दरम्यान है ज़िन्दगी
मैं क़रीब हूँ किसी और के
मुझे जानता कोई और है
मैं ख्याल हूँ किसी और का…

तेरी रोशनी मेरे खद्दो-खाल से
मुख्तलिफ़ तो नहीं मगर
तू क़रीब आ तुझे देख लूँ
तू वही है या कोई और है
मैं ख्याल हूँ किसी और का…

तुझे दुश्मनों की खबर न थी
मुझे दोस्तों का पता नहीं
तेरी दास्तां कोई और थी
मेरा वाक्या कोई और है
मैं ख्याल हूँ किसी और का…

वही मुंसिफ़ों की रवायतें
वहीं फैसलों की इबारतें
मेरा जुर्म तो कोई और था
पर मेरी सजा कोई और है
मैं ख्याल हूँ किसी और का…

कभी लौट आएँ तो पूछना नहीं
देखना उन्हें गौर से
जिन्हें रास्ते में खबर हुईं
कि ये रास्ता कोई और है
मैं ख्याल हूँ किसी और का…

जो मेरी रियाज़त-ए-नीम-शब को
‘सलीम’ सुबह न मिल सकी
तो फिर इसके मानी तो ये हुए
कि यहाँ खुदा कोई और है
मैं ख्याल हूँ किसी और का…

I actually liked this shorter version (down to 10 minutes from the 19 odd of the first one) a tad better than the first.. much better vocals sans some of the jarring and discordant instrumental pieces and clapping.

I just don’t like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, too much of playing to the gallery, rather than going about the basic job of singing. I will, however include the Jagjit Singh version which is like smooth chocolate.

That’s a good 35 minutes of vocal enchantment from two of the best in the business. Enjoy your day, folks. Stay happy, healthy and away from the Chinese evil. I will happily stay lost in my thoughts

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

4 replies on “Reminiscing in the morning…..”

Superb lyrics….Hats off to the poet….👌👌
wonderful singing by Mehadi Hasan ji …👌👌
Jagjit sing ji has sung it tooooo well…. His soft and sweet voice giving complete justice to the poetry, emotions🌷🌷
Similar song I have heard from the Movie Dil hai ki manata nahi (1991) starring Amir khan and Pooja Bhatt and the singing is by Kumar Sanu

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