Introspective melodies Jagjit Singh

Life before you

Driving out of the city on Saturday, the car audio threw up an old favourite. I can listen to any number of Jagjit Singh ghazals any number of times, even binge listen to his many ghazal albums. Thanks to endless long drives I’ve heard countless CDs, DVDs and pendrives with his ghazals and of late, on YouTube while driving. This one was published as part of his Seher album at the turn of the millennium.

I like the way it starts, soft and introspective as the singer is imagining how it was before he met the love of his life. An admission of the love of his life being far more important than he thought she would be to him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder is a clichéd statement that’s repeated ad nauseam.

A lovely, touching, almost maudlin piece of verse by Meraj Faizabadi.

तेरे बारे में जब सोचा नहीं था
मैं तन्हा था मगर इतना नहीं था

तेरी तस्वीर से करता था बातें
मेरे कमरे में आईना नहीं था

समंदर ने मुझे प्यासा ही रखा
मैं जब सहरा में था प्यासा नहीं था

(सहरा  = रेगिस्तान)

मनाने रूठने के खेल में हम
बिछड़ जाएँगे ये सोचा नहीं था

सुना है बंद कर लीं उसने आँखें
कई रातों से वो सोया नहीं था

गुज़र जा इस तरह दुनिया से ‘मेराज’
कि जैसे तू यहाँ आया नहीं था

-मेराज फ़ैज़ाबादी

The heady intoxication of the ghazal stayed with me through the weekend and stayed with me when I woke up today.

In all probability it will be there with me through the day as well.

Stay safe, stay healthy and happy, folks and do speak up. Don’t lose the love of your life. Enjoy the week ahead


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Though I remember listening to Jagjit Singh in the 70s and 80s songs from movies, he became more endearing after his collection of Bhajans “Hare Krishna” I first listened to in 1998. That was the first time I got attracted to the soft, non classical Bhajans. He remains a stress buster forever.

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