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The illness and the abstruseness of the cure…..

I discovered this priceless gem on the net today while resting. A bug has laid me low for much of the day and everyone from my evergreen mom to the Ladies of the house to Choco showed their concern. Choco was particularly upset. He came close and cuddled up a few times. The Jadoo ki jhappi actually worked and I am up and about by nightfall. Resorting to cancellation of appointments en masse is an extremely rare event in my practice. Might have been done maybe 5 times in 40 years. It was only natural the content of Mirza Ghalib’s verse got through to me with a bit greater relatability. Who else to interpret the divine verse than my favourite, Jagjit Singh?

His interpretation of the ghazal in a modern syntax while keeping the gravitas and the pathos to the point of becoming maudlin self pity is truly captivating. The choice of instruments is interesting too, building an atmosphere of such seriousness one almost feels guilty to peep into and step into a very private part of his mind. What is this if not an act of piety, pleasing to the almighty as well as ordinary mortals like you and I.

I could only shut my eyes and go with the pendular, almost metronomic flow of notes and words. Ghalib in all his poetic majesty is awe-inspiring. I would be glad to create just one piece of verse as beautiful in my lifetime as he did hundreds and thousands of times, with unfailing regularity.

Check out his kalam.

यूँ तो मेरा इलाज क्या न हुआ – दर्द मिन्नत-कश-ए-दवा न हुआ

यूँ तो मेरा इलाज क्या न हुआ
कम मरज़ ही मगर ज़रा न हुआ
मुझपे अहसाँ तबीब का न हुआ             (तबीब = उपचारक, चिकित्सक)

दर्द मिन्नत-कश-ए-दवा न हुआ           (मिन्नत-कश-ए-दवा = दवा का आभारी)
मैं न अच्छा हुआ बुरा न हुआ

दे ख़ुदा रहम इन हबीबों को                    (हबीब = मित्र, दोस्त, प्रिय)
के जलाएँ न बदनसीबों को
चलके सुन लो अलग जो सुनते हो 

जमा करते हो क्यों रक़ीबों को                (रक़ीब = प्रेमिका का दूसरा प्रेमी, प्रेमक्षेत्र का प्रतिद्वंदी)
इक तमाशा हुआ गिला न हुआ              (गिला = शिकायत, उलाहना)

जान तावत ही में खपाई थी                    (तावत = उस अवधि तक, उस सीमा या हद तक, वहाँ तक)
कुछ ख़ुदी थी न ख़ुदनुमाई थी                 (ख़ुदनुमाई = अभिमानी/ घमंडी होने का भाव)
सर था, सजदा था, जब्बासाई थी           (जब्बासाई = बंदगी के दौरान सर को जमीन पर टिकाना)

क्या वह नमरूद की ख़ुदाई थी              (नमरूद = एक बादशाह जो अपनेआप को ख़ुदा कहता था)
बन्दगी में मिरा भला न हुआ

ढूँढता था वो इक न इक तरक़ीब
के मज़े हों तेरे लबों के नसीब
तू न समझे तो है ये बात अजीब

कितने शीरीं हैं तेरे लब, कि रक़ीब          (शीरीं = मीठे), (लब = होंठ)
गालियाँ खा के बे-मज़ा न हुआ

हमने की फ़िक्र जब बुलाने की
उनको सूझी किसी बहाने की
अब सुनी है जो घर लुटाने की

है ख़बर गर्म उन के आने की
आज ही घर में बोरिया न हुआ               (बोरिया = चटाई)

मिर्ज़ा ग़ालिब

इसी ग़ज़ल के कुछ और अश’आर:

हम कहाँ क़िस्मत आज़माने जाएँ
तू ही जब ख़ंजर-आज़मा न हुआ

(ख़ंजर-आज़मा = ख़ंजर आज़माने/ चलाने वाला)

जान दी दी हुई उसी की थी
हक़ तो यूँ है कि हक़ अदा न हुआ

ज़ख़्म गर दब गया लहू न थमा
काम गर रुक गया रवा न हुआ

(रवा = जारी)

रहज़नी है कि दिलसितानी है
ले के दिल दिलसितां रवाना हुआ

(रहज़नी = लूटमार, डकैती), (दिलसितां = माशूक़), (दिलसितानी = माशूक़ी)

कुछ तो पढ़ये कि लोग कहते हैं
आज ग़ालिब ग़ज़लसरा न हुआ

(ग़ज़लसरा = ग़ज़ल सुनाने वाला)

What a magical era it must have been. When you consider Mirza Ghalib wasn’t even numero uno poetically speaking with Zouq getting that position at the time, the decadent era of the Moghuls on their last legs must’ve been quite a treat for the senses. Imagine the to and fro of such quality poetry all evening: free flowing wine, women and of course song. The courtesans of the era were well versed with the nuances of brilliant poetry and that reminds me of Gulaboo in Guru Dutt’s Pyaasa. One of the best roles of the brilliant oeuvre of Waheeda Rehman. I am not ever satisfied by a single hearing of such a wonderful ghazal. Here goes…..

Have a wonderful evening ahead. Music heals better than pills and syrups. I will surely be full of beans by the morning.

Stay safe folks, and healthy in the unseasonable heat which is so detrimental to grapes, mangoes and humans alike.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

10 replies on “The illness and the abstruseness of the cure…..”

Lovely song and a sweet voice! And engaging commentary! Get well soon, your patients are counting on you to pierce their hearts literally 😂Or is that too corny ABC ?

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I enjoyed a lot sir
जान दी दी हुई उसी की थी
हक़ तो यूँ है कि हक़ अदा न हुआ

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