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बस यूँही…..

A dance is playing out in our Western skies these days. The Moon, Venus and Jupiter are in conjunction. It is fascinating to watch the ballet adagio between the three celestial bodies being played out over many days.
Unfortunately the skies aren’t clear enough in the cities, but Uranus, Saturn and Mars are also visible in the same view, higher up from the horizon. I will go out of the city on the weekend and try to grab a peek and a picture if I can
Pic from a mobile phone (fully manual) ISO 2000, F2, 1/4 Sec

महशर gathering, सयारे : planets


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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व्योम तो छोटा महशर,सजाए बैठा चांद तारे और कुछ सयारे,
सपनों के हम सौदागर लेकर आए सपनों के पिटारे,
चल सच करे कुछ सपने और जी ले एक दूजे के सहारे….

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A beautiful distraction from mundane quotidian life, star grazing, establishing an entente with celestial objects. Amazed with your vibrant, alert mind and active interest in so many subjects, almost anything under the sun. Just a few lines from Tagore on the subject –

Beautiful is thy wristlet, decked with stars
And cunningly wrought in myriad-coloured jewels,
But more beautiful to me thy sword with its curve of lightning
Like the spread wings of the divine bird of Vishnu,
Perfectly poised in the angry red light of the sunset…..

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